15 Genius Tomato Recipes, Because It’s the Best Time of Year

With Genius Recipes correspondent Kristen off for a few months trying to raise a genius newborn, we’re revisiting the column’s Greatest Hits with brand-new videos—and hearing from a few special surprise guests. Wish her luck! (And keep sending those tips.) Behold: 15 genius things we can do with tomatoes (besides this). There’s a no-knead pizza, […]

How to Store Tomatoes So They Stay Plump & Fresh for a Very Long Time

Whether you’ve just bought tomatoes—cherry tomatoes, unripe tomatoes, or fresh tomatoes—at the grocery store, ready to whip up a batch of tomato sauce or a fresh summer salad, it’s important to know how to store tomatoes and to understand the tomato ripening process. There’s lots of talk out there about ethylene gas, paper bags and […]