Why You Should Use This Fizzy Drink As a Steak Marinade

Are you sick of kombucha yet? I’m not, but that’s probably only because I didn’t really get into the stuff until about a year ago. In all honesty, I think kombucha is fine. Some brands are even pretty good, but when it comes to a midday drink, I’m typically A-OK with water or coffee. While […]

The Absolute Best Way to Defrost Meat, According to the King of Frozen Steak

Like most home cooks, I appreciate a handy shortcut every now and then—whether it’s using canned beans over dried or relying on my food processor to chop vegetables. Actually, I don’t just appreciate them, I rely on them. During the week, I often find myself whipping up something last-minute and woefully unprepared. So it’s rare […]