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The Only Trader Joe’s Product I *Always* Keep Stocked in My Freezer

When it comes to the Trader Joe’s frozen section, I fall in and out of love. One minute I was completely obsessed with their Chicken Tikka Masala (I brought it to work for lunch three days in a row once), the next I had moved on to their Chicken Burrito Bowl (as good as, if […]

This Easy Peach Ice Cream Is 4 Ingredients & Totally Churn-Free

We’ve partnered with Hood Sour Cream, makers of quality, rich-tasting sour cream, to share the recipe for our favorite frozen summer treat: a peach ice cream that’s totally churn-free thanks to one secret ingredient. (Hint: It’s sour cream!) As much as I love ice cream (mint chocolate chip’s my favorite, but I’ll happily accept almost […]

3 Ice Cream Flavors You Aren’t Making, but Definitely Should

Every summer here at Food52, we publish more fruit ice creams. Strawberry that just happens to be vegan. Raspberry for sandwiching between cookies. Blackberry with sweetened condensed milk and lots of lemon. Even banana that only needs one ingredient (yes, it’s banana). But what about vegetable ice creams? For what it’s worth, these aren’t a […]

This Is, Surprisingly, the Most Popular Ice Cream Flavor in America

Now that it’s officially ice cream season, punctuated joyfully by the siren song of neighborhood ice cream trucks in neighborhoods all across America, it’s time to dig in whether you’re a neat eater (with an ice cream cone that never drips) or a dyed-in-the-wool mess maker who needs a cone and a backup cup (like […]

12 Sweet & Puckery Rhubarb Recipes for Spring

Rhubarb is spring’s biggest challenge and its best reward. On the heels of winter, its stalks emerge bitter and brittle, but no mind—with a bit of coaxing, it turns sweet and inviting, like spring. Soon enough, we realize that its tough exterior is just a ruse. Feisty rhubarb loves a stiff cocktail just as much […]

How to Make Your Own Mochi Ice Cream

Mochi—smooth and pillowy and cotton ball-light—needn’t be messed with. But if you had to—let’s say it’s summer and a billion degrees outside and you wish your big toe could be submerged in an ice bath at all times—you could combine it with ice cream. And not just combine it with ice cream, but wrap it […]