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Benjamin Moore’s Color of 2020 Is Here—& We’re So Into It

It’s pretty wild to think that in just a little over two months, we’ll be starting a whole new decade—or, depending on how you like to observe time, witnessing an all-new “Roaring 20s.” Marking the occasion, Benjamin Moore has announced its Color of the Year 2020, “a soft, rosy hue blooming with potential” called First […]

‘Help! My Neighbors Are Ruining My Sleep’

What’s your apartment living pet peeve? Your next door nuisance? What do you do about the nosy neighbor who rifles through your mail? Or the guy who practices the trombone at 7 a.m. on weekends? In our latest series, Ask a Friendly Landlord, a peaceable expert suggests resolutions to the issues that arise when humans […]

7 Decor Ideas We’re Stealing From Our Favorite Restaurant Bathrooms

Whenever I try a new restaurant, I closely observe everything. From the menu offerings and dish execution (obviously) to the timeliness and attitude of the service, every detail contributes to the quality of the experience. Spatial design plays a major factor, creating ambiance and vibe with light, color, and texture. So does decor—an uncomfortable chair […]

The One-Stop Guide to Cleaning the Oven

Welcome to Spring Clean Your Life, your one-stop shop for gotta-try-those tips & bookmark-me inspiration to spruce up your kitchen and home this season—and well beyond. Your oven is the place where gooey cheese, bubbling sauce, and steak drippings go to die. So, when it comes to cleaning up kitchen messes, the inside of the […]

The Container Store Is Having a Sale of Their Most Popular Products

No matter how old I get, I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow the feeling that August is the season for back-to-school shopping (even though I graduated years ago and have no plans to return). Unfortunately, since I’m not a student anymore, all that back-to-school hubbub isn’t really for me—which means it can be hard to […]

24 Back-to-School Supplies I Want to Buy Right Now (Even Though I’m Not a Student)

When it comes to school supplies, there is a universal truth: they are the single most exciting thing about going back to school. Sure, picking out that first-day outfit (in sixth grade: green Converse high-tops, jean skirt, and a sassy t-shirt from dELiA*s) was fun, but the real thrill of leveling up a grade began […]

Gift Wrapping 101: How to Wrap a Box with Invisible Seams

I might have mentioned this once or several dozen times over the past few weeks of working our holiday pop-up, but I used to gift wrap as my job. I started out at a fancy menswear store, eventually graduating to an art gallery/home furnishings store—both of which were excruciatingly fun experiences. (Please hold autograph requests […]

The Best Way to Clean Your Eyeglasses Is Also the Simplest

Once, a very long time ago, I bought lens wipes. The smallest available size for order was a two-pack, containing hundreds and hundreds of individually wrapped wipes. For months after they arrived, I’d diligently restock my glasses cases, pocketbook, and gym bag every couple of days. For a time, they were my superpower. My glasses […]

The Best Ways to Make a Burnt Pan Look New Again

Last week, my mom sent me this photo. A kitchen nightmare Photo by Camryn Rabideau “Lovely start to my day,” she wrote. “Ruined my favorite pan and burned the porch.” Oops. Turns out she was trying to make hummingbird food—that’s essentially sugar water—and got distracted. In just a few minutes, she smelled burning and, well, […]