How to Store Tomatoes So They Stay Plump & Fresh for a Very Long Time

Whether you’ve just bought tomatoes—cherry tomatoes, unripe tomatoes, or fresh tomatoes—at the grocery store, ready to whip up a batch of tomato sauce or a fresh summer salad, it’s important to know how to store tomatoes and to understand the tomato ripening process. There’s lots of talk out there about ethylene gas, paper bags and […]

Alex Guarnaschelli’s 11-Year-Old Daughter Is a Better Cook Than I’ll Ever Be

Ava Clark is more skilled in the kitchen than most people I know. She’s got a repertoire of tried-and-true recipes that only comes with spending years in the kitchen—testing this, experimenting with that. Seared pork chops glazed in a rich, tangy reduction of white wine, Dijon mustard, and red wine vinegar: a house specialty. Charred […]

How the Food Community Is Mobilizing to Fight Abortion Bans

On Wednesday, May 15, Alabama’s governor Kay Ivey signed a measure to outlaw all abortions at any stage of pregnancy, with the exception of instances in which there’s a significant risk to the life of the mother. It also institutes criminal penalties against doctors who participate in abortions. The measure, which is the most restrictive […]