This Rhubarb-Ginger Coffee Cake Is 100% Relationship Goals

Strawberries and rhubarb have a relationship that I imagine all other produce are jealous of. Together they’re an incomparable couple. Simply put, they’re the fruit world’s version of #relationshipgoals. But what you might not realize is that rhubarb, like its more popular counterpart, is just as good on its own as it is in a […]

The Great Majesty of the Paris-Brest, an Éclair to Share

When you live among the beauty and majesty of Paris, as I did while pursuing my undergraduate degree, the most fantastic things become routine. Like picnicking on the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower, which I did with friends regularly as it was the closest park to my apartment. (It’s actually where I met […]

This Unicorn Cake Took Me 7 Hours to Make & I’ll Never Be the Same

Amirah Kassem believes in the power of sprinkles. And not just because it’s the name of her just-released debut “cakebook.” Her six-tiered rainbow cakes, complete with exploding sprinkle surprise centers, have been enjoyed—and thoroughly documented on Instagram—by some of the most important celebrities of our time (notably, North West and Penelope Disick). This, plus a […]