15-Minute Peanutty Noodles You’ll Want to Put on Repeat

Mark Bittman is not a fan of cold pasta salads. “Ice-cold noodles are starchy and often mushy—not the best combination of textures,” he told me in an email. “And chilled sauces are never as flavorful as when they’re at room temperature.” But in true Bittman fashion, he’s found a brilliant workaround. “It’s a fact that […]

11 Clever Ways to Store Your Many, Many Cookbooks

Here’s a cautionary tale: Until very recently, I used to keep my (ahem, not small) cookbook collection lined up between two baskets of produce. One fateful day, the weight of all those books pushed the basket off the shelf, sending onions rolling everywhere. I recovered my cookbooks, but the onions were goners. Like any small […]